HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone, and it is the family of hormones that regulates growth in children while they’re still growing. While we all produce our own natural HGH during puberty, we also produce less and less until its production stops altogether when we reach adulthood.

Most people think that this means that taking synthetic supplements of any kind is useless and a waste of time and money, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, many adults – including athletes looking to improve their performance – have turned to various forms of synthetic HGH supplementation in order to increase energy levels, strengthen bones, build muscle mass and improve skin tone.

Many people are eager to buy their own supply after reading about these benefits online or in magazines, but the only problem is that there are some really shady supplement companies out there selling HGH pills that are either completely fake or just simply don’t work.

So what should these people do? How can they know if they’re buying quality HGH supplements or not? One way of knowing for sure is by reading online reviews of reputable brands, which you’ll find in abundance on consumer-driven websites like this one . However, it’s also smart to learn about the signs of an authentic product before handing over your cash. That’s why I’ve created the following list of important things you need to know before making a purchase:

1) First and foremost, make sure that you’re purchasing from a trusted brand. The more established and well-known a company is, the better your chances of getting an authentic product. There are many small companies out there paying affiliate programs to market their products with fake reviews, even though they’re often completely ineffective or unsafe.

2) HGH is not a miracle drug that will solve all of your problems overnight. If you feel like taking this hormone supplement will make everything magically better, then it’s most likely fake and/or substandard. A genuine HGH supplement will work gradually over time to provide results without any negative side effects .

3) Make sure that if the product claims to be listed on the FDA website as safe for use, that it actually is. Most products made by fly-by-night companies won’t have an FDA approval, even if they claim to.

4) The price of the product is another big sign of a quality HGH supplement. Unlike other types of supplements that can be manufactured cheaply and sold for a premium, HGH is a very costly product to make and requires complex lab equipment along with pharmaceutical grade amino acids and chemicals. This means that an authentic product will always cost more than a fake one does. That said, don’t automatically assume you’re getting ripped off simply because it costs more – do some research first!

5) Be prepared to wait. If you see companies offering overnight delivery or super-fast shipping, then most likely they’ve opted for cheap or counterfeit products instead of investing in quality ingredients from reliable suppliers. Authentic HGH supplements will take time to be manufactured, so if the company you’re buying from claims that their product is ready to ship immediately – it’s probably not!

After reading this article, you should now know how to tell a quality HGH supplement from a fake or low-quality one. This way you can avoid wasting money and instead get results that will last for years to come. If you do end up making your purchase online (and let’s face it: of the thousands of products out there it’s always best to start with trusted brands), then I recommend checking out reviews on consumer-driven websites like these before handing over your cash.

Other good sources of information are forums where people discuss and old forms of supplementation, as well as websites run by the supplement companies themselves.

In addition to this, I’ve decided to include a list of reputable HGH supplements at the bottom of this article so that customers have a quick reference for choosing an authentic product.

Make sure you read it before making a purchase!

Here’s a short list of reputable brands:

Alpha Male Nutrition Ageless Foundation   Advanced Muscle Science   Anabolic Innovations ANS Performance ANSI Attitude Be First BioRhythm BPI Sports – ALL BRANDS! BSN Cellucor Controlled Labs DAS labs Dimepiece Supplements Dorian Yates Dymatize E-Pharm EPGL Sport Fit & Fresh Fitness Pro FlapJacked Gaspari Nutrition German American Technologies Gifted Nutrition Gold Star Performance Grenade Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals – ALL BRANDS! IronMag Labs ISS Research Jay Cutler Series Kevin Levrone Mad Max NutraBio NutraKey Nuts ‘n More Oh My Spice Oli Licious Olympus Labs Optimum Nutrition Platinum Labs Primeval Labs Pro Tan Prolab Promax Supplements Purely Inspired Quest Nutrition Ronnie Coleman SAN Nutrition SciVation Sport Pharma Tested Nutrition Udo’s Choice Universal Nutrition USPlabs VPX Sports

This list is not comprehensive, but it should be a useful starting point for customers looking to make their first purchase. There are many other brands out there that produce good products, but this particular list includes the most reputable ones in my opinion. With all of that said, the only way an individual can know for sure if their HGH supplement contains what it claims to is by doing their own research.

With that being said, if you follow these simple guidelines then you’ll be well on your way to gaining all of the benefits that HGH supplementation has to offer – including faster muscle growth and improved body composition.

HGH Cycles

Before you start taking any supplements (especially HGH), it’s important to understand the cycle of supplementation.  You don’t want to end up like this guy:

Pretty embarrassing huh? I’m not sure why he’s wearing an Ironman t-shirt during the interview, but I guess he actually got bigger now that you mention it…of course now he looks like a total idiot too. But no matter; let’s give him another chance and see what he has to say about his experience with HGH supplementation!

Okay one more time LET’S DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh wait, hmmm…I feel kinda confused right now. Kinda light headed too. Maybe I should just stop talking before I humiliate myself even more…okay, I’m done. So yeah, don’t do what this guy did (he’s actually a hockey player for the Montreal Canadiens).  Let me explain; when it comes to HGH Cycles there are three different phases that supplement users should be aware of.

Phase 1 – “Start Up”

This phase is also commonly called the “Loading Phase.” It typically lasts anywhere between 4-6 weeks and requires the user to take HGH at least 3 times per day. This type of supplementation is designed for building up your body’s natural stores of Human Growth Hormone so they can be used later on during the next two phases. The best way to do this is by taking 2 IU’s of HGH first thing in the morning and then again right before your workout. For those of you who are natural, I don’t need to tell you that this is a lot of HGH and might be too much for some people to handle.  To avoid problems like extreme cell swelling, water retention, and soreness; cycle off every other day by taking one IU instead of two.

Phase 2 – “Building”

This phase is sometimes called the “Maintenance Phase.” It typically lasts around 8-12 weeks depending on how often an individual takes their HGH (if they’re using it only twice per week then this phase will obviously last for longer than if they took it 5 times per week). The goal during this stage is to use an HGH supplement that will help you keep and/or build upon the muscle mass and strength that you gained during the previous phase. If you’re currently taking 4 IU’s of HGH like I recommended back in Phase 1, then all you need to do is cut your dosage in half. This means if you were taking 2 IU’s 3 times per day during Phase 1, than for this stage simply take one IU two times per day (one in the morning and one before bed).

Phase 3 – “Peak”/”Closing Out”

The final phase is typically referred to as either “Peaking,” or “Closing Out.” You won’t necessarily have to follow a specific regimen with this last stage because by now your body’s natural stores of HGH should be more than what they were when you started the cycle. Specifically, if you took 4 IU’s 3 times per day during Phase 1 and 2 IU’s 3 times per day during Phase 2 then you’re probably not going to need to take any HGH during this stage since your body will already be producing all that it needs naturally.

It’s also important to note that most men will only need to go through one round of each phase in order to get great results from HGH supplementation…though some might require a second round depending on their age and general health status. For example: if a 35 year old man who weights 220 pounds and has been lifting weights for 5 wants to add 15 pounds of lean muscle mass I would recommend that he go through a total of 2 rounds of HGH supplementation. The first round would be for 5 weeks and consist of him taking 4 IU’s 3 times per day during Phase 1, 8 IU’s twice per day during Phase 2, and not taking any HGH during Phase 3. Then the second round would last another 6 weeks with him doing the same thing but only making one small change; he would take 4 IU’s in the morning and before bed instead of 3 times per day like before (he’ll do this because his body will already be producing enough natural Human Growth Hormone).

Although it might sound like a lot to some people, this is actually quite simple when you compare it to how most people choose to take HGH. For instance if a man in his mid 30’s wanted to add 20 pounds of lean muscle mass he most likely would only need 2-3 weeks of a “Loading Phase” and then 4 weeks of “Maintenance.” This is because beginning supplementation with 8 IU’s twice per day is going to have the same effect as taking it 3 times per day…so unless you want to spend all your money on supplements I wouldn’t recommend doing both.

When using Human Growth Hormone for bulking purposes, you’ll find that stacking other compounds together with it will be far more beneficial than when cutting. In terms of bulking up, there are really only two different things that someone could stack with it in order to get better results. These are Testosterone (both forms), and Insulin-Like Growth Factor (or IGF-1).

I’ll go into much greater detail about these different compounds in the next article; however, I wanted to mention them in this one because they’re both something that can be used in combination with Human Growth Hormone for maximal results when bulking up. Just realize though that stacking any compounds together, especially if you’re using prescription drugs like insulin or steroids won’t always work well…so experiment carefully.

The only other thing I want to add is that when someone uses HGH for cutting purposes, it’s usually best to take it alone or maybe stack it with Clenbuterol (which is what I did in the past) because it’s only used for a short period of time. However, when someone wants to use it for bulking up or maintaining mass while on a calorie-deficit diet I highly recommend stacking it with Testosterone both forms), insulin, and possibly IGF-1 depending on what you’re doing.

What To Expect From Human Growth Hormone Use

As far as actually using HGH goes, there are few things that you should expect when cycling this compound…but at the same time realize that some people will react very differently than others so don’t be surprised if none of these benefits apply to you. For instance some men might experience impotence while taking this drug since much GH can cause the body to create an improper balance of Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin (SHBG) in the bloodstream. Some folks might also lose their hair or even get acne when using this substance; however, these are very rare side effects overall (but can be permanent in some cases).

What you should expect though is that your strength will increase dramatically within the first few days of supplementation; especially if you’re taking it alone without Testosterone. You’ll also be able to pack on several pounds over the course of a month; however, much like when bulking up with other compounds keep in mind that most of it will come from water retention instead of actual lean muscle mass gains since HGH doesn’t cause hyperplasia or trigger protein synthesis…at least not in the proper amounts.

The final thing that you should expect is an increase in appetite which can be so drastic at times that it will sometimes cause people to gain fat instead of muscle. This happens for a variety of reasons but mostly because human beings are so used to overeating on a daily basis…when they start taking this drug their body will go into shock when it senses that massive quantities of food are being consumed. That’s why it’s very important not to over-eat during your “Loading Phase” when using Human Growth Hormone; basically just eat until you’re full and then stop.

What Is The Best Human Growth Hormone?

This question has been asked by every man who wants to use this compound for one reason or another, and admittedly there is no correct answer. The reason for this is because everyone reacts differently to every different human growth hormone product on the market; in fact many people will react very poorly to some brands while they get amazing results from others.

That’s why most men want to know what I think is the “best Human Growth Hormone” and honestly most of you probably won’t like my answer since it has nothing to do with price or quality. My answer is none other than Serostim (the only recombinant version) which can be purchased by anyone around the world via any number of online resources; however, its cost isn’t exactly cheap at roughly $1500 per 12 IU dosage (which lasts about a month for most men).

The reason Serostim is my “best Human Growth Hormone” is because of its purity and the fact that it’s used by bodybuilders and athletes all over the world (in other words there isn’t any better form out there on the black market). Granted, no one knows if this specific version has any negative reactions or side effects when compared to another human growth hormone product but at least I know it works extremely well.

What Is The Best Dose For Human Growth Hormone?

Before you can answer this question you have to consider what your goals are since they’ll play an integral role in determining just how much you actually need. If your goal to increase fat-free mass and to lose fat at the same time then you’ll need a lot more than if your aim is just to pack on lean muscle tissue and maintain your current body-fat percentage.

Just how much you take will also depend on whether or not you’re using it alone (without Testosterone) since most men need roughly 3 to 6 IUs per day in order to elicit any results. If they’re stacking it with testosterone enanthate or cypionate then they can get by with about 1 to 3 total IUs per week; however, these are very general guidelines and each person’s needs will vary from one another.

The Best Place To Buy HGH

In all honesty there isn’t an easy place to buy Human Growth Hormone that is both safe and affordable. That’s why I always recommend you buy this compound from a pharmacy in your country (legal or not) if possible; especially since most of them are dirt cheap when compared to getting it online.

However, if for some reason you can’t do this then the next best thing would be to get a high quality brand from a trusted source online but never purchase “homegrown” HGH products since these will probably be extremely low quality…and ineffective at best. In fact aside from Serostim, all other forms of Human Growth Hormone on the black market are basically garbage that should only be purchased if someone is selling it locally out of their freezer for pennies on the dollar.

In Conclusion…

Remember, most men will have to use a dosage of around 3 IUs per day in order to elicit any results from using Human Growth Hormone. However, you should never take this amount until you’ve been using it for at least two weeks so that your body can adjust to the compound. After that point just follow the dosage guidelines listed on the packaging and don’t ever exceed more than 4 IUs or risk going into a coma.