Steroids are a drug that has always been used in gaining muscle and losing extra weight. They have recently gained more attention due to the public knowledge of athletes such as cycling champion Lance Armstrong using steroids to gain unfair advantages over their opponents. There is some negative press on the use of steroids, especially when it comes to professional sports, but personally I think there should be no issue with them if done correctly under medical supervision. These drugs are being used illegally so often by teenagers who don’t know how to take or use them properly at all which is why it’s dangerous for these young people. Steroids are not the answer to gaining muscles fast though, you still need to work out regularly and eat to get bigger results…

And please please don’t consider using these drugs until you have done a considerable amount of research on the effects and how they work – do not go ahead without consulting your doctor first.

Steroid cycles for beginners It is important to know that Steroids are used in cycles, where a person uses them for a period of time, stops and rests their body from artificial ingredients & artificially produced hormones before starting again. These rest periods are vital as too much use of steroids will lead to health issues that can be avoided if a break occurs between steroid use. Usually the first cycle should only last around 8 weeks but you should always discuss this with your doctor who should be able to advise better than I could. A normal’s cutting cycle may look something like this: 8 Week cycle of Testosterone Enanthate at 500mg per week 1-2 Week Pause 4 Week Cycle of Masteron at 400mg/week Fast forward to Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) after the 4th week. 4-6 Weeks of Nolvadex at 40mg per day 1-2 Weeks Pause Steriods for bulking

In my opinion, bulking is a lot more difficult than cutting as there are so many areas that need attention… diet needs to be perfect, workouts need to be intense and rest days needed to be planned in properly.¬†Since I’m not a qualified personal trainer, these suggestions aren’t going to have specific times or amounts but just averages based on my own personal use and experience of taking them.

I suggest that when bulking you should take much higher doses than when cutting because even though you are eating much more to fuel your body, it won’t be able to use all this food for muscle growth if not enough testosterone is present – in this case, its key to make sure you have enough natural or artificial testosterone in your system before you will build any noticeable muscle mass through eating fatty foods. Also, since there isn’t a specific time frame on when you’ll need to start your PCT, I recommend that you start it immediately after your steroid cycle is finished and then carry on with the Nolvadex.

I hope this article has been helpful to somebody out there who wants to gain some muscle mass in an effective and safe way. If you have any advice or questions please feel free to leave a comment and also share this article if you want :). Thanks for reading and good luck with your future bulking plans!

Best Steroids For Bulking and Lean Muscle Mass

Steroids are a drug that has always been used in gaining muscle and losing extra weight. They have recently gained more attention due to the public knowledge of professional athletes using them. Steroids are a chemical that is related to the male sex hormone testosterone which can be used in gaining muscle mass, burning extra fat and enhancing athletic performance. There are many types of steroids that people use for different reasons but not one steroid can be considered superior or better than any other steroids. People just choose the right steroid depending on their goals and when they want to start their cycle or when they want to finish it. You don’t need doctors prescription for buying them since you can purchase them from pharmacies over the counter without any problems at all. Actually, most medical stores these days offer various choices of anabolic steroids online so you will have plenty of options when it comes to selecting your preferred drug.

How To Use Steroids For Bulking?

Some people think bulking means taking a lot of food and eating a lot of fat, but actually it’s the opposite. When you’re bulking you need to monitor your diet very carefully as you can’t afford to be eating any more carbs or fatty foods than usual. My advice is that when cutting down on fats and carbs then you will also have to do the same with proteins as well as they are directly related to gaining weight. Doing this might not be easy on some people because if not enough protein is consumed in your diet for muscles growth, then there is no point in even going for a bulking cycle . It’s also important that you eat healthy first before starting steroid cycle as various studies has proved that people who eat healthy and do regular exercises don’t gain as much weight as those who eat anything they like and go to the gym only once a month.

Best Steroids for Bulking:

1) Trenbolone:

Trenbolone is probably the most popular steroid among professional athletes for bulking and cutting cycles due to its high anabolic derivative which helps in gaining muscles mass. It’s also very effective in preventing muscle loss while cutting down extra fats from your body. The bad side of taking trenbolone is that it can be harmful for your heart so even though you are bulking, keep your exhibition low since no one wants to have their hands tied behind their back because of using steroids then being unable to work out efficiently.

2) Dianabol:

Dianabol is an oral steroid that has gained a lot of popularity among athletes in the last couple of years for its good results in bulking cycles. Many people believe it’s only suitable for beginners but actually this is not true because if you are experienced then you will have far better results than those who are just starting out. What makes dianabol unique from other steroids is the fact that it converts your food directly into muscle tissue without storing any fat, making it one of the best bulking steroids ever made . However, the side effects of using this drug includes headaches, stomach pains and even nausea which can be quite annoying but these symptoms goes away after few days.

3) Anadrol:

Anadol is one of the best steroid for bulking and gaining lean muscle mass because it’s a derivative from dihydrotestosterone which helps in building up high-quality muscle tissues. Unlike other steroids, anadol helps to get rid of excess water weight from your body while increasing red blood cell production which is important if you want to get ripped quicker. This drug should not be taken for extended periods since too much of it can cause liver damage . The good thing about this particular drug is that it doesn’t have any side effects on your heart or your cholesterol levels so will be safe to use even for obese people who wants to lose weight quickly after months of hard work at the gym. Just make sure that you eat healthy and avoid fatty foods if your intention is to bulk up this year.

4) Winstrol:

Winstrol is probably the best bulking steroid for those who don’t like injecting themselves with steroids as it can be taken orally without any problems of side effects on your heart or cholesterol levels. This drug provides solid mass gains along with low water weight which is important if you’re on a cutting cycle and want to get ripped quickly . The only problem I face with winstrol is the fact that if I take more than one tab daily then my hands go numb but apart from that, I have no other problem at all. 5) Anavar: ¬†Anavar is another oral steroid which is used for cutting cycles as this drug converts fat into muscles tissues and doesn’t let it turn into extra weight. However, anavar only works effectively if you do lots of exercise and eat healthy as otherwise this drug can be rather useless. The main side effect of using this steroids include night sweats which forces you to take a couple of breaks during your workout session but apart from that, it’s pretty safe for human consumption .

6) Testosterone:

Testosterone is considered as one of the best bulking steroids because apart from gaining muscle mass, it also speeds up metabolism rate and increases red blood cell production which helps in getting ripped quickly without any problems at all . It’s good if we consider the fact that testosterone is actually the base of most steroids and provides gains similar to dianabol but that doesn’t mean it’s free of side effects as well because testosterone is notorious for giving night sweats, headaches, acne on the face and even mood swings which are annoying. However, these side effects go away after some days so you don’t need to worry much about them.

7) Equipoise:

Equipoise is another bulking steroid which enhances the immune system while increasing red blood cell production so you can workout harder without worrying too much about getting sick easily . The good thing about using this particular drug is that it helps in retaining your muscles tissues along with solid lean muscle mass provided you work out regularly without eating fatty foods. However just like any other drugs, equipoise also has some side effects which includes night sweats, headaches and even mood swings so you need to take it with lots of water while listening to your body carefully.

8) Deca Durabolin :

Just like Equipoise, this one is also an effective steroid for bulking because it helps in retaining muscles tissues while increasing red blood cell production without any problems at all . However, deca durabolin is better than most steroids out there but that doesn’t mean it’s free of side effects either as this drug needs to be taken with lots of water or you can start getting nauseous if not taken properly. The good thing about using deca durabolin is that apart from muscle gains it also enhances collagen synthesis so you won’t face problems like acne on your body or face.

However, these are not the only steroids available because there are lots of other drugs available in the market but if you’re beginner then I would recommend that you stick to these 8 bulking steroids for gaining hard muscle mass this 2016. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for a bulky new look with the help of these best bulking steroids and enhance your sexual performance at the same time.